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I am pleased to present our international project informational magazine “Fashion of Diplomacy in Ukraine”.

On the pages of our magazine, we will talk about Ukraine in Ukraine and Ukraine in the world, about the Ukrainians and their achievements, about our culture and desire to be one big living organism of our country.

What do people who create history of a state think about? What do they want? What do they hope for? Behind each flexible position, rank and title there is a real person with their feelings, thoughts, dreams, who lives and works. Exclusive interviews with diplomats, ambassadors, politicians and managers, editorial analysis of the events, which are of diplomatic and political importance for Ukraine, useful advice, diplomatic fashion, new tendencies and new rules of protocol and etiquette – all these will allow the world community to see our country like it is, understand and know it.

We know, the Ukrainians – are a great nation, which creates the promising future for their country! Because WE are its heart! We are its soul! We are its future!

Editor in Chief

“Fashion of Diplomacy in Ukraine”

Anna Avramenko


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About Us

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