July 17: what is celebrated in the world today?

Photo: Informator Ukraine.

There are quite a few holidays on July 17, 2023. First of all, today the world celebrates the World Day of International Justice, which began on June 1, 2010, during a conference in Uganda.

The purpose of this holiday is to draw society’s attention to the important role of observing the principles of international humanitarian law, as well as involvement in improving justice at the international level. On this day, representatives of the states meet and talk about urgent issues in this area.

In Ukraine, the Ethnographer’s Day is celebrated, the purpose of which is to draw public attention to the important role of ethnographer specialists for our country. And, of course, thanks to the ethnographers for their hard work.

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Also, today Japan celebrates Sea Day, South Korea – Constitution Day, Finland – Democracy Day, and Israel – International Day of Sincere Joy for the Achievements of Others.