Telephony with AI has been launched for the first time in Ukraine

Photo: CMR Expert.

Product IT company, call tracking, telephony and end-to-end analytics platform Ringostat has finished testing artificial intelligence built into a virtual PBX. And it also became the first Ukrainian telephony with artificial intelligence.

This is discussed on the website of the platform.

AI understands all languages and converts them to text. In addition, it analyzes, captures the mood of the conversation and provides advice on further steps. In this way, it is possible to analyze how well the employee treated the client and how he reacted.

“The main goal of Ringostat AI is to make your work and the work of your employees easier and more productive. Use the advice of AI to bring the next conversation with the client closer to a winning deal,” the company writes.

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As Ukrainian Pravda points out, for each company Ringostat allocates 1,000 free minutes, which are equivalent to 100-200 conversations, depending on their duration. In this way, companies have the opportunity to try the product on their own projects, having analyzed 100-200 conversations with customers for free.

The product can be useful for sales, technical support, marketing, etc.