The new US special representative told what she will do in Ukraine

Photo: The Page.

Joe Biden appointed Penny Pritzker to the newly created position of special representative for the economic recovery of Ukraine.

This is reported by European Pravda.

She is remembered as the former US Secretary of Commerce, who served the entire second term of President Obama. Special Representative Penny Pritzker said that her mandate for the economic reconstruction of Ukraine consists in working with the authorities of Ukraine, the United States and partners. And also with the private sector. More precisely, the new special representative will be part of the interdepartmental donor coordination platform and will cooperate there with the governments of other allied countries, the European Commission, international financial institutions, and the private sector.

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“And, of course, this requires communication both with Congress, where I will communicate the successes of Ukraine now and after the war, and with the diaspora in the United States regarding the opportunities that exist in Ukraine,” added Penny Pritzker.

She also notes that there will be a separate focus on reforms related to the transparency and accountability of reconstruction – changes in the regulatory environment, law enforcement agencies, the judicial system, in the field of fighting corruption, management of state-owned enterprises, etc.

“Today dozens of countries participate in security, humanitarian and economic support of Ukraine. My job will be to ensure that the burden of that support continues to be shared between the United States, our allies, and other global players. It is necessary to mobilize resources around the world, including the transformational power of the private sector,” said Penny Pritzker.

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